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. medicaid is broken, medicare is broke. social security is broke. and you want us to believe that a government that can't even run a cash for clockers program is going to run on the seventh of our u.s. economy? no sir. no. spirit seems from town hall meetings around the country including that last one where health and human services secretary kathleen city leaders and senator arlen specter of careful about health care reform in philadelphia. fashion statements like the ones you've heard of it to a fierce reaction from the liberal media. take a look america story on the countdown the astroturf of healthcare reform and desperate bid to defeat it. remarkable new video tonight of fake grassroots protesters working from scripts disrupting town hall meeting some democratic lawmakers do not assist on cable tv. then there's this from the new york times. >> the message from the mainstream media seems to be that these things are fake. their so-called astroturf. they're not willing to give credence to the idea that these might be broke people with real emotions. >> john ritter got from
jersey state police, governor corzine is inside, we're standing by waiting to hear what they will tell us. back to you. >> rick: for the information and the eyewitness, jamie, that gore spoke with, and the exact same story as a gentleman who spoke with a while ago. christy chok in hoboken saw the same thing. did not see the plane that appeared was a part of the collision, but saw the chopper and sought to break into three parts. another eyewitnesses bill olivier joins us now on the phone. bill, where were you and what did you see? househunting circle line cruise ship that department at 11:00 o'clock with my family from texas, and i'm hearing a lot of accounts of people seeing it after it happened. we were sitting on the topic -- sitting on the topic of the circle line cruise ship heading back the statue of liberty, and my wife and i looked at each other and reset all my god, plane and helicopter going to hit each other. so we saw it coming together. it was almost surreal, in slow motion, then we saw that looked like and i heard reported earlier that someone kind of estimated that maybe th
for it. our condolences to the kennedy family. that's it for us. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm appalled should go and we hope to see you right here next week. someone on "fox news watch", a top secret spy agency forced to kabosh some of its secrets and the press pounces. what did we do to get the terror suspects to talk bush marked the administration wants another investigation. is it good policy or politics and are the media paying attention to mac badness on the budget deficit. it is far bigger than anyone predicted. did the white house try to sidestep that news with this news question mark sometime reappointing into another term as chairman of the federal reserve. >> plus is that family and a nation mourn a clinical legend, how did the press and of the passing of ted kennedy. smack the president tries to vacation. did late-night comics let them get any rest? on a panel this weekend haul of the american university, andrea antero's conservative columnist and contributor, jim pinkerton, fellow new american foundation and judy miller, writer and "fo
as the press keeps up the pressure. have we heard the answer? u.s. troops continue their hunt for the bad guys in afghanistan. some at home lose interest in the effort. are the media to blame in former falcon flies with the eagles and the exconvict victim goes from jailtime -- ex-con vick goes from jailtime to primetime. and a politician is dancing and is tripped up by the media on the left. some man who paved the way to how we get our news today, john hewitt. >> television is good. not when you see it and not when you hear it. but when you feel it. ♪ >> on the panel this week guthrie programming editor for broadcasting and cable magazine, cal thomas jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and fox forum contributor and kirsten powers, "new york post" columnist. i'm john scott fox news watch is on right now. >> what is your response so far to the suggestion that the healthcare reform might not include a public option? is it winning any converts angering quarters? >> on the messaging process, do you accept any responsibility on the fact that you haven't some o
using her as a punching bag? tn krch t tncmz breaks the news on jackson, why are they so far ahead of the others. which network gets the gay award and should we care? and katie couric takes on the new york times, but why? and on the panel this week, areceipt yeah gut tri, -- guthrey. jim pinkerton fellow at new american foundation and new york post columnist kearse sten kearse stin powers. and i'm rick folbaum. >> rick: brouhaha, happy hour. the audacity of hops, and a cure for what ales us? some of the headlines the morning after the beer summit at the white house. howard professor henry gates and cambridge police sergeant crowley sipping suds with the president and vice-president there, two weeks after gates was arrested by crowley follow the acting stupidly comment by president obama, kept the attention of the media and sergeant crowley talking to the press after the beer. >> i think what you had to do is two gentlemen agreeing to disagree on a particular issuement i don't think that we spent too much time dwelling on the past. we spent a lot of time discussing the future. >> s
. >> i'm a conservative and what we expect is for you to fight for us. we did not want to-- fight for us, stand up. democrat or republican, we will vote you out. >> wait a minute, wait a minute! wait a minute, wait a minute, you want to leave? leave. >> i am going to speak my mind before i leave for good. your people told me i could. >> well, that's just a few of the scenes from town hall meetings across the country this week, including the last one where senator arlen specter fired up over at health care reform in pennsylvania. a passionate statement like the ones you just heard, they led to this white house reaction. >> this is part of the american tradition. i think what is unproductive though is that somebody tries to come to a town hall meeting and you can't ask your question or your mother can't ask her question because somebody else is yelling. that's what cable tv and the food fight bring to this. i think we all have something to lose if we let cable television come to town hall meetings and kill health care reform for another year and put the special interests back in charge. >>
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)